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Feb 2018 Books Vs Moods

The previous installment was :January 2018 Books vs Moods. Standard disclaimers:

  • I am not writing this in any particular order of preference, they are just mapped with the mood I think the books will be appreciated the most.
  • These are just books I happened to read in February(and tail end of Jan)
  • Since I am only posting one list per month, they will be bigger than my old lists
  • Books do not repeat from previous lists
  • If you have read this far, and if you are new and therefore have not seen the previous posts, please do click on the links(I have belatedly realized that I can link images instead of the names to the reviews, so the links are the covers from GoodReads) to follow through to the complete reviews and of course share if anything resonates.

Reading for things to do:

38328688    35397904   35724127  34026406 34220872 34220875

Restless energy (Chase/thrill)

27821823  26462189 3170253819101264 37562080 34914739 38310715   17429022

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful)

35388969   34320324 3621442210054014 34466489

 Reading group analysis( Profound/cerebral/debatable)

37435   32148570 36247169 4048108 331679 30231780

Usual reading mood( Miscellaneous)

373951 35825161 34713646 37883830 34273236 12012330 8628133


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