Seconds to Live (Scarlet Falls, #3) by Melinda Leigh

With this book I have successfully seen all the Barrett siblings settled down. I have actually read the next series of Morgan Dane(#1,#2) and preferred it to #1, #2 of the scarlet falls series.

The important part of both these series is that the people introduced to us are complicated, troubled but also extremely good and proficient in actually doing things.It is interesting to figure out how things will progress during the course of the book. This book is about the last surviving Barrett sibling, Mac who is a man in tune with nature. His father is almost at his deathbed and he is due to return to the family fold. On the other side we have Stella who has been thinking a lot about him since their first meeting. She has less time to think though since there is a killer on the loose and being the only women in the local police department does not help.They team up after Mac feels he saw something on his first night back home. They set out to catch the killer and there seem to be more wrong doers in town than they bargained for.

It is a reasonably fast moving book and suits the needs of those people used to this genre.I call it a thriller because we know there is someone stalking and planning while not knowing the actual culprit.

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