Chick lit, Romance

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

I have been reading pretty much non stop the last couple of weeks. My other ‘hobbies’ have been semi shelved temporarily. I intend to start dividing my time again, which would mean more audible books beating others to the finish line. All of this basically tires the mind and sometimes a genre shift is required to feel refreshed.

I saw this book on the library shelf and the fluorescent colour caught my eye and I remembered seeing it on multiple people’s virtual shelf recently and thought I would give it a try. It turned out to be a very good idea. I did weep for the last part for the book.Eternal optimist Jess is working two jobs to keep her daughter and her step-son clothed and fed in the absence of her husband. The (ex)husband doesn’t contribute to their daily life.Her optimism is what keeps the wheels turning in their odd family(there is an extremely large smelly dog in the mix as well). Ed is a computer geek who did the most random thing to get out of a relationship and now he faces hard times ahead.

Jess’s daughter Tanzie is a maths prodigy and all signs point to her life taking a right turn if and only if she can give the Maths Olympiad in Scotland. Ed just happens to fall into their plans and they set out as an even more mismatched group.The book obviously has a happy ending but its more about how Jess deals with the life she has been dealt, part naivety and part perseverance and Ed with his. The ideals that she clings to and the despair she feels when she realizes it may not be enough, that’s when the tables have to be turned and for her children to prop her up.Its a solid story told in different viewpoints during the journey and after that add to the feel-good factor of the book.

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