All By Myself, Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

I decided to give another shot to the relatively new Mary Higgins Clark. The last one made me sad in more ways than one. I got my introduction into the genre of psychological thrillers through her books and enjoyed them when I started. The later ones(right now) do not even come close to those books.

This one has a very stilted narration, it feels very ‘blah’ for a better word to use. The mystery by itself was pretty good but the rest of it did not interest me. I would try another new book of the author if they were available in the library and hopefully would like those better.

The story is set on a cruise. There are an odd cast of characters who all are onboard for different reasons and different agendas. We have our old lottery winner couple who eventually save the day, a lady gemologist, an ambassador’s son, an English lecturer and an Interpol agent.They all hover around Lady Em who is going to wear a very expensive necklace that is said to have belonged to Cleopatra. She is having doubts about the people close to her. Not all of the people will make it alive to their destination, and that causes a lot of chaos onboard. I did not get a feel for the different characters and everything seemed too abrupt.

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