Bump in the Night (Flaxborough Chronicles #2) by Colin Watson

This is a follow-up on the series after the last book (Coffin Scarcely Used (Flaxborough Chronicles, #1) by Colin Watson ). This was a different mystery than the ones I have read in a while and therefore was interesting to pursue.Initially though, I felt a strong undercurrent of misogynist tendencies in terms of the depiction of the women involved in the story. Towards the middle, such thoughts were attribute to slimy characters and I was able to overcome that original mild distaste.Also, since the books were written very early on and by a man (a lot of the books I have read from that period were actually written by women), I circumvented that thought and moved on to the actual appreciation of the sardonic humour presented in the tale.

This story starts off benignly enough, with a bump in the night(as the title points out). This is reported to the police though no action is taken immediately. Slowly we are given the bigger picture of the town and its inhabitants. Also, there are more small bombs detonated every week. By the time the fourth comes around there is an actual person harmed. The main hero from the last book, Detective Inspector Purbright, makes his entry almost towards the middle of the book. He is brought in order to ensure that crime is not being concealed by the higher-ups in town.There are a lot of bends in the route before all is revealed. It is the conversations and the people involved that makes this book very interesting to read.I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series that I have already downloaded onto my Kindle.

I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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