Historical fiction, Horror, Mystery

The Book of Beloved by Carolyn Haines

Actual spirits, post WWI era and Southern US Charm. These were never descriptions I thought I would mention in one sentence for a book review. I saw the second book of the series and was intrigued by the cover page (superficial, I know) and the fact that it had accompanying audio in Kindle Unlimited.As a traditionalist in matter such as this,I downloaded the first book instead, and made it jump the queue.

It was surprisingly different than any book I have read recently. It is not that the mystery was of the complicated sort(it was not) but it had a very classy approach to the issues at hand. Our leading lady is Raissa who is a young war widow(a worthy woman to cheer for) who has finally taken the first step to coming out of her self imposed gloom. She sets off to a visit to her Uncle’s in Mobile,Alabama. His house comes with its own twisted history and layered amounts of secrets. There are spectres haunting the area and they disturb the living. Raissa is ‘sensitive’ to their presence and they hint to her that all is not right with the events unfolding around her. She grits her teeth and tries to untangle all the issues at hand. It is set in the time when Women just received the nod to vote and people have not accepted ‘other races’ causing racial tensions to thrive.Revealing any more information about the events would just take the fun out of reading the book(which anyone with the time,should). I never thought I would actually enjoy a book which gave me a few goosebumps and make me twitch at what might happen next.It does take the supernatural in its stride with normal life, so one would have to be able to accept that to really sink their teeth into the book.I’m also labelling it under horror solely due to that.

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