Historical fiction

Another Kind of Sunset by Susan Wüthrich

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There are very few chances that I take with regards to authors that I have not yet come across somewhere. But the fact that this book had good reviews and looked interesting I decided to give it a go.

It starts quite well and has a very good protagonist. The lady Eve Pritchard is mourning the news of her husband going missing during the tail end of the war and being presumed dead. She is supported during this grief by her neighbour Luca who soon makes a more permanent arrangement.One fine day a little into that life, the past blows up and there is so much left unsaid.The book moves seamlessly between the past and almost thirty years later. We are given enough hints to keep trying to guess exactly what we are in for. There is perseverance and determination that holds together Eve’s sanity. She continues past just surviving and needs to live and fights for it.

I would give the book four stars but the timeline felt a little off, and I am going to have to round it off to three stars. The story has all the right elements and I could feel the brunt of emotions that go with reading the trauma of living with the repercussions of war.It is emotional at the right times and has people who are flawed and do not necessarily have miraculous transformations(as in real life). I would surely try another of the author’s books when I get the chance.

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5 thoughts on “Another Kind of Sunset by Susan Wüthrich”

  1. Thank you for your honest review. Perhaps you would prefer my previous book ‘Portrait of Stella’ it’s on KU.


    1. Thank you ☺️
      The thing about Amazon is that unless I purchased the book from them technically in not supposed to post reviews…A few of my previous netgalley stuff got rejected
      I will post a review for pair of Stella once in done though, it’s already queued!


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