Mistletoe Murder (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #4) by Karen MacInerney

This is the last in the available books in the series. I reviewed the previous ones here:

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The fourth book finally lived up to the potential(at least for me and I give it four stars) that I felt in the beginning of the series.Despite running out of audible narration version, I continued with the series.

Lucy Resnik has moved to the town of Dewberry and over the course of the books, has built up a stable farm. She is still not financially in the clear but she is getting there. This story focused on that feeling and managed to give an indication of what it would take to drastically change your life in that manner. It is almost christmas and Lucy is yet again requested to assist a possible wrongful jailing. This time it is a friend’s sister who is in trouble since her (sleazy) husband was found stabbed in the car park of her parent’s restaurant. Though the start of a ‘case’ is pretty similar to the preceding scenarios, Rooster is absent from the proceedings and Lucy gets to investigate to her hearts content. There is also the mysterious appearance of old bones buried near the courthouse. Lucy has her hands full with the market, helping cheer up her friends,bonding with her boyfriend and overall just living but she does do her best and manages to come out the victor.

If there is to be another book in the series, and I hope there is, I am looking forward to it..

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