Sci Fi

Rendezvous with Rama (Rama, #1) by Arthur C. Clarke

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This was the second book by the author that I listened to. The first being Childhood’s End. I thought that I was reading the first in the series and would have more books to pursue, but found out that the next three books were written by his collaborator and not rated as highly so I decided to try more Sci-Fi later (when my to-read pile has become more manageable).

The intricately complicated descriptions, which help paint the most vibrant picture of the world being described, helps sink our teeth completely into the tale. The world in the time where the story has based, has made interplanetary travel within the solar system something of a routine. Earth has reached extremely high levels of scientific success but the human race has not lost the capacity to wonder and learn. An object thought to be a huge natural celestial object was photographed for study. This induces more questions, because there is no longer the question of it being a natural object. A team of explorers are sent to investigate ‘Rama’ (which also happens to be my husband’s name so it was funny to listen to this aloud at home). The investigation opens up enormous possibilities and questions. Team dynamics and the roles played by people in furthering the investigation and also the possible mindsets of those who have to lead this life adds fuel to what would amount to a very interesting book club discussion.

Logic does not limit the fantasy but helps build a more fantastical scenario in this tale. It was fun to read and has opened up a whole new genre for me to pursue in future.

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