Chick lit

Messing With Matilda by Cat Lavoie

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It has been a long time since I enjoyed a book in a lighthearted genre this much. This tale is about Matilda Hart an up and coming professional organizer in NYC. She is very particular about clean and organized surroundings, bordering on compulsion. She has an (organized) plan for how her life should be as well. As realities go, things do not work out the way she envisions them, mostly because it involves other people!

Matilda has left her small town roots behind and does not think anything could ever drag her back until something does. Once there she gets roped into two schemes that she has to actively contribute to(Matilda is part of team doing the messing and not at the receiving end).This is not a book about a complete reversal of the person she is, it is just about her growing up and into the kind of person she could be happy about. The writing was humorous without being over the top and has all the right emotional triggers to fully enjoy such a story. I laughed,chuckled and shed a few tears as well. The people(and cat) are very realistic (and lovable) in the book and as long as you do not try to overanalyse the dramatic events (and not so dramatic ones) it has absolutely no loopholes.It is very different from the other heavier books I have been pursuing and it was a welcome change!It is the writing style and the simple random conversations that happen frequently that has me giving it a full five stars.

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