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The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer

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I did not expect to enjoy the book in the beginning. Hot on the heels of my last review (Messing With Matilda by Cat Lavoie) and trying to make a brand new addition to my blog (Authors & their books) I decided I wanted something light to run in the background.So I cheated on my queue and bumped this audiobook before all the others on my list.

Initially I wondered if I picked up something I would not really relish(oh ho mistaken was I!). Tristram Shield has arrived at his Grand Uncle’s house to be affianced to his grand daughter as his dying wish. This begins a ver random conversation between the two and there is more and more evidence that they may not suit. They do not end up getting married as the Lord Lavenham does not live till the day planned for the wedding. Seeing at as a chance to escape the young half french Eustacie decides that any other life would suit to the one being planned and she sets off from the house in the middle of the night. Now begin the comedy of errors.She runs into smugglers, which turns into further investigations into murder and robbery. They end up involving siblings who just happened to be staying the night in the local inn. The conversations were hilarious (at least to me) and the (audible)narration made it all the more exciting. There is more than one couple’s story at play here and the presence of Sir Hugh who is supposed to be a representative of a higher law of the land is completely preoccupied with things only he can keep track of.One of the women in the picture has a good sense of humour and the other provides the comic (without meaning to) situations to laugh at or with.The men involve an overly adventurous rascal and a upstanding citizen with wickedly clever put downs

Overall, this is part of a series that you do not try to apply too much logic too. It is meant as a source of watching intelligent banter that will make you chuckle and see people do the most random things in the want of ‘adventure’.

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