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Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

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Even before I turned the last page of this book today, I recommended it to anyone who would listen. I ( to be more precise we) finished this just now and I have(a duty) to make sure I convey its praises in the best way to make anyone see what a brilliant book this is.To get that point across I might meander through things, but I will get to the point.

A friend of mine gave this book five stars on GoodReads and my interest piqued. I found it available in my local library, reserved it and within a week it was in my hands. I read the first chapter and then stopped, realized this was something my husband would enjoy as well and I ended up reading it aloud whenever he could spare the time. I do not know if it was the act of voicing it out aloud or if the written word itself carried the power, but as I completed it a little while ago I had goosebumps on my arms. This book is not exactly a memoir of Hope Jahren, it is more than that. It gives a glimpse into a mind that sees more than what an average non observant person would.Her life is filled with science, but the marvel that she draws out of that science is something beautiful to behold. Having the skill to actually put them down into the perfect words, is just icing on the cake.

She is a botanist and is doing research into the information and life lessons we can gather from the plants around us.That is just the bland fact, she is more than that. She is part of a two person team.With Bill by her side, she sets up labs and we see the hardworking mundane life of a scientist and the other side of that life , the uncertainity and struggle . We are given glimpses into the significant parts of her life and surprising information about the plants and trees is woven through the narration. The tale is an inspirational one, one that can jog us into our chosen boxes to at least think (if not do) differently than we are comfortable with.

P.S: Read till the end of the book!

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