The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie

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I am pacing myself with a re reading of all the Agatha Christie’s that I can get my hands on.I read them very early in my reading life, and was always under the impression that they were more innocent than some of the others I have read since. I have come to realize while reading them slowly, there are subtle jabs at things I definitely would not have identified then. They are slipped in, in the most innocuous settings.

I also have come to realize that I have misundertood Miss Marple and her skills in human psychology. Once I considered it boring as compared to the exciting and excitable Poirot.I am slowly changing that opinion. This particular book had her entry after most of the story had already played out, so it not a shining example of her technique.

Mr Burton is a convalescencing semi-invalid who is rusticating with his sister. They are finding that village life maybe more complicated than they anticipated. There are a flurry of anonymous poison pen letters that make their way into people’s home. It seems like harmless malice, till one person turns up dead.Suspicion and worry makes the usual rounds.The people are interesting and the turn of events surprising. I did not remember the ending and it caught me quite by surprise! The only problem was the late entry and abrupt wrapping up of the case by Miss Marple.

So I am sticking with my old three star rating for this.

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