A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) by V.E.Schwab

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I believe I am a little late to be hitching on to this series(Isn’t the cover interesting?). But better late than never is a good motto to have in this regard.

I finished this book in one sitting. Having grown weary of digital screen, at least for the moment lounging with a relatively new looking hardback book in my hand added so much to the whole experience. I spent years being anti digital copies of books, finally giving in three years ago. I began with kindle unlimited and moving on to the advanced reviewer copies I have been lucky to get my hands on. For every few digital books though, I need to still balance it out with a good book from my library. Having good access to a great public library system has been a godsend. So the main point of stating all this was that I had an awesome few hours flipping actual pages of this book, this afternoon.

A Darker Shade Of Magic is about just that, the various shades of magic presented in this book.There are just two people left in all the different worlds of our story who blur the lines, between these worlds and the magic each of them represent. These are the Antari. One of those two is our hero Kell.Our heroine (and a splendid one at that) is Lila of unknown antecedents and a life of crime marking its trail in her years in the ‘Grey’ London.She is stubborn, courageous, resourceful and not at all squeamish while Kell(also of unknown antecedents) is conflicted about things he knows and does but is loyal to a fault.Lila’s actual role in the future of these worlds is left unknown by the end of the book, only hints being provided.

Kell has a small habit which he has cultivated while bearing messages between the different Londons of varying magic.A habit which triggers events that can bring an end to stability as they know. The unlikely pair has to race against time to set things right and prevent the (bad) history from repeating itself.

It was fast paced, had an intricately developed and fascinating world to take a trip through. It was hard to feel at peace or safe during the unfolding of the fights till the very end. Turns out the next book is available and on the shelf at my local branch of the library and it had never caught my attention before (tch tch!). I intend to remedy that error as soon as I can.

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