World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2) by Susan EE

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I have reviewed the first book here. It was and is a very interesting version of a dystopian situation. The world is still under chaos by the time we start this book, and Penryn is a near death situation. As Raffee is also in a seemingly dead-end situation, there does not seem to be much hope to begin with. There are multiple small battles and different locations and situations as Penryn tries to keep her family safe. She might be over reaching though, since her family may not exactly need her help to survive. The lead character of Penryn is a very gritty realistic one, with a lot of courage and style(in terms of fighting) but she still shows her age when it comes to accepting hard truths.

She races around the California bay trying to figure out what the Angels could actually want and how it can be stopped or at least titled in the favour of humans. We are given glimpses of what might be afoot but not much revelation is done in this book. It was not as exciting as the first book but the writing was very good, and the humour that is slipped into otherwise despairing situations makes it time well spent.

I am looking forward to the culmination of the series with the next book!

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