Historical fiction, Horror, Mystery

The House of Memory by Carolyn Haines

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I finally gave in and listed this book under Horror because the paranormal activity was vivid enough to have me skip listening to it before bedtime. I am also to find out if the book is good because of the awesome narration or if just reading would do. The next book in the series does not have included audio.

This book picks up almost where the previous one left off. The newly formed investigative agency had a request for assistance. Raissa and Reginald are on a boat on a really slow journey up river to Montgomery,Alabama. The world at the time is described with many interesting variations of conversational content which made the whole book even more exciting.The social situations and the ideals of a ‘modern’ women in 1920s USA are actually funny at times. The case on the other hand has nothing funny about it whatsoever. Camilla is a young bride to be who has attacked her fiance twice with no recollection of it. She is currently in a mental institution and her stay in there is not going to be a good one. It is up to the newly formed pluto’s snitch detectives to try and see if the case is in their capabilities to crack, and if yes, to go ahead and do it. Raissa has multiple ‘sightings’ since her talent is starting to be more finely honed. It is fast paced, interesting and filled with secrets and has more than one question to be resolved. I never thought I would ever eagerly await a book with paranormal being the acceptable norm but I am looking forward to the next one.It is very different from my other books, and is all the better for it(a style of statement used in a the book that I liked the sound of and wanted to use).

P.S: I have enjoyed writing my last few reviews, so if you have the time/inclination do click on the back arrows and check them out too!

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