Cold Harbor (Gibson Vaughn #3) by Matthew FitzSimmons

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This book follows closely at the heels of the last book (Poisonfeather). Each book in this series derives emotions and facts heavily from the previous book and therefore requires them to be read in the same order in order to actually understand it completely.

We left Gibson Vaughn in a very desperate situation at the end of the last book. He emerges from the event a broken and battered man. He is unaware of his surroundings and is at a loss on what to do first and sets off on a random path to avenge his ill-treatment. In this particular book, some older people make an appearance, he does his hardest to remain sane enough to function through his current ‘job’.There is a heavy emotional toll to go with the book but watching Vaughn fight both his inner demons and actual physical enemies while he tries to set something right in his life, is interesting enough to pursue.

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