Historical fiction, Humour

Friday’s Child by Georgette Heyer

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I have to admit that I enjoyed this book more than a lot of the other Georgette Heyer books for a simple reason, that it was in its own way a very intelligent book.It might have been the audio narration that has tipped the rating from 4.5 to the full five stars though. The narration was brilliant (no other word for it), and the humour seeped through the voices of the different people who are involved in this tale.

The tale begins in a similar fashion as most others, with a precipitate marriage and chaos to follow. Young Viscount Sherry does not want to wait till he is old enough to access his trust fund and need to be married to circumvent the age criteria. Hero, is to be turned out into the working life to be a Governess and suits the idea and they just get married on a whim. What follows is very interesting, because these are two people who are too young to anticipate the hurdles to follow. They do not even know their own mind and definitely do not understand the other’s.Keeping aside the vacuous life all the books set in this time period describe, they still end up at odds with each other. They have a set of close friends who at times contribute positively to the situation and at others are just there to be laughed at. There is also the ‘beauty’ who had rejected the first proposal of the Viscount, who makes an appearance every few ‘scrapes’ and all’s well that ends well. The young couple has a lot to learn and it was fun to hear them make their way through that phase.


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