The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

The Woman in the Window
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I have (not on purpose) been pacing myself with thrillers, and I do not know if that was the reason that I did not enjoy this book as much as all the reviews I had read(as well as the abrupt blurb) seemed to hint I would.The main fault on my part was probably the subconscious lookout for any sleight of hand that I could file away for a later time.In this case, that was my undoing as I sort of saw the ending coming. There was a point in between where I was the book was over but I was wrong and that was clever since it was unexpected.

Anna Fox is a child psychologist or was one and is now trapped by the limitations of her own mind, something which she is unable to get over. She spends her life in a cocoon and views the goings on of the world outside through a viewfinder.She is keeping tabs on the families that she can see from her limited windows until the Russell family moves in. Things get out of control both on a personal front and with assistance from what Anna thought she saw. How the chaos unfolds is the rest of the story. The story is well written and the thrill quotient consists of us being uncertain of what exactly the narrator’s tale is actually true and which part is only in her head. I did like the book, but after the hunt that it took me to get to the book itself, I could not get myself to give it more than three stars.If you have not read any other thrillers of late, I am sure this book would be more to your taste

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