Treachery in Tuscany (Jordan Mayfair Mystery #3) by Phyllis Gobbell

Treachery in Tuscany  (Jordan Mayfair Mystery #3)
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This is the third book in a series and though I thought otherwise, it would probably be best to have a working knowledge of the people involved (by reading the previous books) to enjoy the book thoroughly.

Jordan is on a working holiday with her uncle (who writes tour books) and is in Florence. They are to stay at a convent within the city during their visit and the convent in question seems to have something strange going on within its walls.Jordan’s sort of boyfriend arrives shortly onto the scene with his daughter (all the main characters of the book are old enough to have grown-up children) in tow. The problems between the daughter and Jordan seem a little abrupt but by the end you get used to it. Sophie Costa(another fellow convent resident) is harbouring a secret and though Jordan tries to help her, it turns out to be too late. Jordan then tries her best to use her natural curiosity to figure things out.There is a holiday feel during the course of the story and we get a good deal of information on arts and culture of the city.

The writing of the mystery seemed a little too upfront for me, and I did not get the feeling of being kept in the dark at any time which is part of the fun(of reading a mystery) for me. I believe if I was used to Jordan and her quirks I might have liked this book better.

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P.S: I did have a good time reading a few books a couple of reviews back, If you have not done so already do check them out!

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