A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic #2) by V.E. Schwab

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic, #2)
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I reviewed the first book a couple of weeks ago :A Darker Shade of Magic. It introduced a whole new world for me to revel in. This book picks off four months after we left the people in one piece(most of the important people anyway). It ends in such a way though that the next book would most probably be almost like a second part of the same book. We are to be left hanging on by the tips of our fingers. I have the third book with me, and was actually planning on putting both reviews simultaneously, but then since I have been reasonably sparse in the number of posts that I have succeeded in getting done, I decided against it. Also, I spent the whole morning devouring this book and the action sequences have my head pounding and has me thinking that dipping myself in the war that is to be, might give me a bigger headache than I can stomach at this time (Only because I might just do another long stint without pause and not because the book itself causes such adverse reactions)

By now, if you do not know about the first book, I recommend at least reading my review before proceeding past this sentence, only to keep track of my feelings about it. We have Lila who is living her dream, in some form and learning new tricks, something she did not even know about before. She has made new friends and her new skills get her interesting in something even harder. On the other hand Kell is still living with the repercussion of his actions in the first book. Some of those feelings are self-imposed but there are lingering reactions from all the people around him which keep him down. He also has to live with a daily reminder of that choice as does Rhys(the prince of the land). Evil though, has not been vanquished and is close at their heels though they do not know it yet. We are still no wiser about Kell’s background and hopefully the information will be worth the suspense it has built up.There is also a new entry into the picture, whose actual position is still unclear.

There are very vivid descriptions(as in the last book) of battles of both wits and skill. This enhance the reading experience.I do not hand over the full five stars only because the story does not tie up any loose ends, and the next book is required to complete the picture. The next review should be coming by the end of the weekend.

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