Historical fiction

Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully

Hotel on Shadow Lake: A Novel
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I have been having a mixed bag of reactions with regards to the choices I have been making when it comes to books. I try to read the books in the order that I got my hands on them (or more truthfully, how long they have been languishing on my shelves). These events have made me more quick in terms of assessing my affinity towards the book very early on. This is not something I am trying to cultivate.

This tale was one that I did not start liking in the beginning. It was a good thing I stuck to reading it, because it gets more involved at a later stage. We have Martha in 1990 who has received a strange letter. We are not privy to that letter, and its contents will only be revealed to us at the end. Maya is told more than a decade later that her grandmother (Martha) ‘s body was found near a Montgomery Resort in the USA. Maya then decides to investigate the strange circumstance and goes without a plan to the location.Things then do not go as easily as Maya could hope but she does get help from unexpected quarters. The only reason I did not warm to the story was that I am not fond of the narrative being very direct, and the mystery clues being handled in that fashion. I give this book three stars because it does start an interesting idea and involves a lot of different times and places which are woven into the story and add to its background.

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