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The Lake House by Kate Morton

The Lake House
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With this book, I am completed my target of reading the very highly rated books of the author. It has been a very interesting ride. This particular one, though similar on cursory glance is very different from the other books. The reason I give this book five stars is that it managed to confound me in terms of the outcome. I do not claim to have any great powers of deduction (I truly do not) but beyond a point, if you are reading books everyday, there are patterns that start to stick out and you get a very strong sense of what might come next. This tale swerved past every one of those points. It lulls you into a thought, and then shows you a whole other scenario which is not completely unexpected, just something that did not strike as the obvious one(If you do pick up this book after the review, do not keep looking for the twists, it might ruin the feel).

The lake house in 1933 is home to a family of three girls, a toddler, parents, a grandmother and an honorary grandfather (who is not liked by the actual grandparent). They are a seemingly happy household until disaster strikes. The story then picks up seventy years later in 2003 where a in-trouble cop is taking a forced leave of absence at her grandfather’s in Cornwall. She stumbles on the ruins of the house and the sense of the lingering mystery which draws her into the case of the missing toddler. There are a few events that could have been skipped, but the layers of events and what people hold close to their heart was very intriguing. It may not be as perfect as some of the others that I liked this much, but despite its flaws the study of human character is very intriguing. The people are very vivid and each one brings something very interesting to the tale. We go even farther back than 1933 and with each person whose mind we have a privilege of glancing into, it adds something that we could probably start many discussions.

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2 thoughts on “The Lake House by Kate Morton”

  1. Sounds intriguing, I thought this was the book of the lake house , the one with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. This story , however, sounds different.

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