A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic #3) by V.E. Schwab

A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic #3)
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I spent my sunday starting the last book in the trilogy and seeing it through. It is a fitting finale to the trials and battles that the people involved in the book have braved and at times surpassed. I mentioned in the last review (A Gathering of Shadows) that I was not completely satisfied with the second book because it did not feel like a book on it own. This one makes up for it.

This has more strategy, politics, and actual battles than the last two books. It does not tie the bow around the series like I would have expected, but surprisingly I was satisfied nonetheless.We left the people or Arnes enjoying an end of a tri-empire magical battle with a ball. Kell has been lured into a situation that he cannot quite come out of on his own. The enemy comes into our healthy ‘Red London’ and the country prepares for an all out war. We are given more insights into what makes all the people of the tale tick, people we have not had the privilege of having spent any quality time with previously. This enhances our experience in this strange world where magic and man had originally in some form learnt to coexist. Loyalties are tested and everyone’s true nature is either a force for good or the dregs that cause further upheaval. It was fast paced, heart-rending at times but on the whole a worthy adventure to see to its end. I do not have access to any more of the author’s other books at this time, so I’ll probably be going back to all the ARCs that I have pending. I was silly enough to request two more ARCs last week. I have abstained from those tempting websites for a couple of days now , so hopefully I will get more read and lesser accumulation.


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