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Cotillion by Georgette Heyer

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I am having a great time with the audiobooks of Georgette Heyer read by Phyllida Nash. The narration is so brilliant that it makes the whole experience amazing and that much more hilarious. This story is slightly different (only slightly) from the others that I have read of the author’s. Kitty is a ward of a grumpy man with a lot of grand nephews. He has summoned them all to his estate to have them all offer for her. Whoever is accepted, is to have his wealth left to him else it is threatened to be left to charity.

The oddest assortment of cousins turn up for the summons, one is an amiable chap who may be ranked the highest socially, but is more childish than you would expect. He is so enthusiastic and cute that his very appearance in the scene guarantees a smile or two. Even the most sensitive of readers would not be able to take offence at the support that the Earl Dolph gets from his friends.Another cousin was (as repeatedly mentioned) not invited since he was already married, another a prudish rector. Kit put in a fix and not seeing what she actually wants, decides on a plan by herself. This leads her to set out to London to see the sights bound in a fake engagement. The conversations between all the people involved in the chaotic ensemble are brilliantly sardonic.The funny thing was that I was not sure who the actual hero of the story was till almost at the end.

I do not know if I would have had the maximum advantage, had I only read it and not listened to the narration. The nuances are so clear and the delivery so swift that it is definitely worth the time. I may sound like a recorded advert for audiobooks(because of the multiple mentions) of Georgette Heyer, but I had to express how much I thought it brought the whole thing alive.  Every time I read/hear one of this books of late, I wonder at the time that they had on their hands for leisure but that is besides the point.

P.S: I am building the book list for this month as I write the reviews because I have significantly slowed down since the beginning of the year and it is fun to make lists. I might just wait only another week before publishing it.


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