The Liar’s girl by Catherine Ryan Howard

The Liar's Girl
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This was the first book that I requested after I made my initial foray into Edelweiss. I did not think that it would be good if I continue to pile up books on to my reading pile but I couldn’t help myself when I realized how many more books I would have to jump into. It is like Scrooge McDuck in Ducktales who takes a swim in his gold, just that in my case its books!

The story begins with the present, and we are given a pretty steady picture with just a hint of darkness underneath. Alison lives in Denmark and shies away from references to her Irish antecedents and we are soon given a look into why that is. Since the blurb already gives up that information, I can too. Her past is tied in with that of a convicted serial killer. The only problem is that the murders seem to be repeating themselves. Now Will (the killer ex) says he will only talk to Alison and that he has information to offer. This tempts her back into the past even while she is struggling with the repercussions. We are also parallelly given information about what the person in the shadows is doing or thinking. It was a good plot, with just the right amount of information to make sure we are equal parts surprised and equal parts nodding to ourselves that it obviously was the solution when it came to the actual revelation. There were a few explanations that might have made it more airtight, hence the only reason that I am not giving it the full five stars. I should have read this earlier, since it did not take much effort or time but was worth it.

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