Historical fiction

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

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When this year was just beginning, and I realised that (for once) I had read books featured in the GoodReads choice awards list I was excited. I even tried to rush and read some of the nominees in time to make a choice. Suffice to say, I did not succeed in making it very far. Mostly because of all the other books that I had right under my nose and easier to reach and the long queues for these other books.

I reserved this book ages ago, and it was finally my turn. It is to go back today since someone else is in line for it. The one strange fact about this tale is that it is told in a deceptive light tone, the writing would not make you realise the extent of hardships that protagonists are to face within its pages. This book spans the aftermath and the time duration of the two wars ( with the political climate world over being the way it is, it is harder to read these books with a more aloof air). There are two women, separated by more than three decades and life itself who meet due to a desperate situation. Charlie is in a fix but she still wants to get to the bottom of her cousin’s disappearance. She rams into Eve’s life bringing with her a name that Eve never expected to hear again (as the blurb proclaims) this starts an expedition and we are given a parallel run of Eve’s life as a spy for the allies. It was a very dangerous time, and her life was fraught with dangers. Her mind is something of a marvel and we watch her grow into the woman we meet in the beginning of the book. Charlie’s plans may not get the closure she wants but together they might build something completely new. The resilience of women, and the camaraderie that exists outside of those other tales where women are mostly depicted as catty and/or envious is a good way to spend our reading time.

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