The Friend by Teresa Driscoll

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It feels like it has been a while since I posted a review or finished a book for that matter. It has only been two days to be precise, but that also felt like a lull because I was unable to actually finish a book in a sitting despite starting a few. This one was an audible version, which I started a while back and finished with preparations for dinner.

I did not get the feel of the thriller it is supposed to be , I saw it as more of an interaction of individual personalities when put together in a puzzle. Sophie is our lead voice, we see her in the present on a train trying to process bad news. Emma is the friend, who has waltzed into her life, and made it more exciting again. The narration swings between the past and the present with two more minor characters who contribute to the storyline to help it reach a resolution. Sophie is a mother of one and wanting that number to go up and feels her own pressures, each of which we are given free rein to hear. Emma gives us fewer chances, but we can watch how relationships change in the blink of an eye and how the spur of the moment verbal comments can alter a lot of things. To me, that was more fascinating to watch play out, because as an outsider you can see what might happen but for those in that situation, it is hard to get the whole picture. It is a good book, especially if you like how ordinary lives turn out to be not so ordinary after all. I give it three stars only because it did not have the element of suspense that I was expecting. (Turns out to be happening more often nowadays, I am definitely jumping genres for some time)


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