The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson

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I chose to request this book because of the cover and the cryptic blurb that indicates that it is a journey of a woman through the past of her eccentric uncle. I was excited to have it approved and settled down to read it.

This is a very intricately put together book. It is held together by multiple factors, the main being Miranda who after a sixteen year absence is back in the frame of her uncle Billy’s life ( though he is no longer alive). He has set her a scavenger hunt, something they had often bonded over all those years ago. the purpose of it unknown as is the reason for their estrangement. Both of these unfortunately, were easy to guess as we see it unfold. Miranda spends her summer in pursuit of her uncle’s final footsteps to uncover what he was trying to tell her. This drives a wedge into every other relationship that she started off with at the beginning of her summer. The book and the clues are filled with literary references and cross references making it a way to get a perspective into personally unfamiliar authors. The scavenger hunt may be long, but was well thought and executed. My problem with the book was I did not have enough quality time to actually bond with the people, all the relationships to each other seemed a little rushed(except probably the one between Miranda’s parents, that I enjoyed). That could be totally my personal taste though. This book is for anyone who likes anything to do with books and loves family bonds and what that could mean.

I got this book via Edelweiss+

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