Romance, Thriller

A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3) by Kendra Elliot


The previous books reviews are here #1,#2. This is a very intense series. It is more thorough and immersive than any other I have read in the romantic thriller genre. Mercy Kilpatrick has been in her old hometown for a couple of months now.

In this third installment Mercy and Truman are at a comfortable part in their relationship but may need to tread new waters. Mercy stumbles ( in the  middle of the night) upon a small child who leads her to a dying old woman. Natural compassion and curiosity keep her hooked to the case. The isolated murder turns out to have a pattern which causes the FBI to take over. The plot though, is not the crux of the tale, the people are. Without being too gimmicky, there are a lot of bonds explored in this book. The hunt for a killer turns deadly when the killer sets the target back onto Mercy and those under her protection.

We get glimpses of her sister Rose and the family life that is starting to mend at the fringes. It was surprising as usual to go back into the lives of the preppers who expect the end of the world as we know it to be inevitable. This trip back into the town of Eagle’s nest was very fast paced and with a lot of deaths and near deaths involved. I look forward to the next one. I listened to this book on audible and apart from the swearing which I cannot skim past like I do when I read, enhances the experience.

P.S: I loved the last book I read, do scroll past the previous posts if you did not have a chance to look at them.

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