End of Days by Susan Ee


I have to admit at the beginning of this review itself that I listened to this audiobook just to complete the series. I am not sure if that was a wise choice since my initial investment into the tale was not great, subsequently meant I just about enjoyed the book,but did not love it.

This is the third of the series #1,#2are the reviews for the first two book. The book begins where the last left off, after the rescue of her sister Penryn and Raffe are finally resting because the hardest part is yet to come. The reason for why the atrocities in this dystopian scenario has occurred was revealed in the previous book and armed with that knowledge steps are being taken. There are multiple battles in this book, with a lot of trust being asked for from a lot of people. It has its high points where you could cheer for the good parties. Overall it is a pretty good ending but it did not seem as entrancing as the first one did.

On a side note, I have a very varied set of books pending on my shelves so hopefully my reviews will start to get less bland than they have been the past month. The tale itself usually fuels my interest in writing a very vivid piece. Fingers crossed for a good month.

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