The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

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I do not usually do this, but I had to put up both the UK and US version book covers because though I read the UK version I felt more kinship with the latter. What would you say?

The version I read is an ARC that is set to release next month, and I want to pace myself with this review in order to provide the most accurate picture of what I thought of the book. My last few reviews did not feel like they added much value to my recommendation because it was mostly a brief synopsis of the book itself and a yes or no on the scale of should you read it or not. I will try to draw a better picture for this book.

The Death of Mrs Westaway is a thriller( with her death being a catalyst of future events and tainted due to the past events),but it is not just about the point of the tale, the who and why of the events that unfold. It is more than that, it has an aura which the author builds in such a way that we are cloaked within the chilling ambience and therefore we can feel with Hal (our protagonist). Hal has received a mysterious letter whose contents do not make sense. She is in a very depressed phase of life and the weather does not help either. We can actually feel the darkness descend to cloak the sad woman who is almost still just a girl mourning her loneliness. Hal sets out to test and see if this odd chance is a way to make some money. She makes an entrance into the Westaway homestead with its even more oppressive atmosphere. She does not know the people she is sharing a roof  with, and they are just starting to know her. There are a few twists and a lot of analysis that Hal ends up doing. It is hard to trust your gut when it comes to the other players with a lot of side stepping that happens. The plot line is not extremely shocking since it works up to the revelation, but the writing and the narration makes this book special.

I got a chance to read and review this book via NetGalley

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