Adventure, Historical fiction

The Werewolf of Bamberg by Oliver Pötzsch

Werewolf of Bamberg, The

The previous books in the series are as follows, click on the cover to follow through to the review

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Before I gush about the book I need to admit to two things; one is that I did not just start and finish this today(it is a big book), I had left it 3/4 th way through a while ago when I felt like I wanted a change of pace. It was a really silly thing to do, given that this was the best book of the series so far. The second is that I have listened to every book of this series on audio without reading much of the text (except for one or two odd times when I wanted to hurry up some part) and considering the wealth of information bound within it, and my current reading lists I do not think I would ever read the book itself. Now that the confession is out, I can turn now to praising the book.

On reading the old reviews, you would get a picture of the kind of life we are dealing with  old Bavaria/Germany in the 1600s. It is a cold and cruel place with equal parts cunning and blind faith. I am not completely sure humanity as a whole has altered much since then, but hopefully we are more civilized and more level headed.The best part of the series is the end of the book where the author gives us a full tour of the actual places and events that he has drawn inspiration for the tale. It makes the whole thing a lot more fascinating. In this installment, Jakob has been invited to his estranged brother’s wedding. We are given new insights into his childhood. Jakob has aged further since the last book and is starting to have to admit it, it is sad to see in a way. Once in town they find out that there is a werewolf or its rumour rampant after dark. This is just the start of a whole lot of plots with subplots, hidden agendas and imposters. It is more fast paced that a few of the older cases and though the end goal (of making sure an innocent man is not killed) is a recurring theme, the entire cast of the Kuisl family plus the son-in law put all their sharp minds to work and their lives at risk to come out triumphant at the other end.Anyone interested in history can be assured of a thrilling ride but you definitely need to have a stomach that can handle descriptions of medieval tortures.

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