The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by Josephine Leslie

22015627 A friend of mine passed on a copy of this book to me in an attempt to get me to try something new . She did not remember why she put this book on her GoodReads list a long, long time ago but finally got a chance to read it recently.

It was a small book, much smaller than the average ones I read but it spans a lifetime of the main character. I should admit I had never heard of the movie based on this story(or the book itself ) previously, but I did check out parts of it on Youtube before I took a chance with it. The most striking feature of the book has to be its subtle humour. It is not the humour that people could use in a party or on stage but it is for that inside chuckle during an average life. In this case Mrs Lucia Muir has a ghost’s presence in her life which makes her life something out of the ordinary. Mrs Muir is a young widow who has realized a change is required in her life to survive, and she butts heads with the ghost of an old Sea Captain who takes a shine to her. Their conversations are interesting and fun to watch, as are Lucy’s interactions with her children, her annoying sister in law.Her children grow up, get their own lives and she grows old. It is all very simple and straightforward but altogether very touching. If you get a chance and have time on your hands and want something to smile and read, this is definitely the book for you.

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