The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh


I hesitate to call this book a romance though at its core, that’s what it is. It is more than what the image of the word ‘romance’ could conjure up. Apart from the people and the mental arguments involved, the revelations caught me completely unawares, a feeling I enjoyed.

I debated between the full five-star rating and the lower rung of the four stars (since both on NetGalley where I got access to this book, and Goodreads does not provide the luxury of the decimal). I realised that giving it anything less than the five star rating would be doing it a disservice for the entertainment and a great couple of reading hours this book gave me.It was a brilliantly executed book, the likes of which I have rarely come across since the story in itself is not unique, the handling of such a storyline was. Sarah is fretting over the fact that she has not received a call back from Eddie whom she felt she formed a lifelong bond thought they only spent a week together. This fretting goes beyond just the usual chicklit level thinking, the doubts as to why such a situation happened causes her to unravel. Parallelly we are given snippets into something that has deeper roots than we are aware. It is not a thriller because her unravelling is not the focus, the bonds of people which prevents complete catastrophe and the resilience of the human spirit is what the book is all about. I did shed a few tears during some parts and that is something I have not done for the past couple of books.

Revealing any more of the tale would have you second guess each chapter’s meaning and may ruin the experience. If you want to read the book after reading this review, I would recommend completely blocking out what I said, and the blurb and jump blindly in!

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