Feel good

The Lido by Libby Page


This is a book that I had been anxiously waiting to read. I got a chance to do so thanks to an ARC via Edelweiss+. It is one of the most talked about books on the internet when it comes to uplit.

The story is of relationships and memories and sheer determination of a community as a whole. When you read something written in fine calligraphy using probably an ink pen, you get a hazy idea image of something delicate and soothing, maybe something highbrow. This story is like its written with crayon, making you want to go ‘aww’ (I do use that expression a lot while exclaiming at things)at the people and the way they figure themselves and their surroundings and work together. The local community has been given startling news, the local Lido (outdoor swimming pool) is set to be sold to be cemented over. The news hits Rosemary the hardest. She is eighty-six years old and she has had a relationship with the pool for the past eighty years. Her bond with the pool and everything that entails is half of the tale. The other half of the sort-of dynamic duo is Kate(decades younger than Rosemary) who is an uncertain person but this issue might be her key to a different and probably happier life. Her foray into the life of the community around her and what she uncovers from within the lives of the simple people with everyday lives is the rest of the tale.

It is a great book to read to cheer yourself up, and think of people and places who we have in our own lives.

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