Historical fiction, Romance

Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer


With this book, I intend to pause my Georgette Heyer run of audiobooks and try something else for a while. I had so much fun with the last two books that my expectations and requirements have made it harder for me to like this one to the same extent.

That being said, it was not a bad book. I heard it on audio and loved the last chapter. The rest of it, I could probably have even rushed through! The siblings Judith and Peregrine have set out to make a new life at London and meet their new guardian after their father’s demise. Peregrine is the younger of the two and tends to behave in a childish fashion and lets us laugh at his expense. He looks up to his sister, and relies on her decision-making capabilities. Judith takes an instant aversion to Worth (The guardian) with good reason and things get crazy from there on.The sequence of events are written in a such a way that we oscillate between two likely candidates for the role of our villain. Overall, it has the flair, the hidden comment on the frivolous lives of the people involved and a reasonable amount of humour. It just did not have me laughing like the last two!

Cotillion and Friday’s Child  are the two I reference above.

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