Looking Glass (The Naturalist #2) by Andrew Mayne


I reviewed the first book of the series last year : The Naturalist . I was on the lookout for the next book for quite a while but then I forgot. I was happily surprised to see it in the Kindle Unlimited list and was even more excited to see it available with narration, making it more thrilling to watch unfold.

The protagonist, Dr Theo Cray sometimes scares himself with the way his brain works. His heart though is the real fuel for his actions. He is a computational biologist who has created a software that can think like him but just faster. This book is eve better than the last one.Theo is having trouble reconciling himself with the life that he is leading and the way his work is being employed. In this tumultuous time, a case falls onto his lap. Due to the timing and all the little things that come his way, Theo goes deeper into the case and uncovers horrific evidence. His temper and restraint are hanging on by a thread(hence some pretty regular swearing) and he once again has multiple insights into his own conscience and what makes him tick. I listened to this almost continuously and wrapped it up in two days to get to the end!

The case itself is about one missing child, at least it starts that way. For anything further, reading it would be the best course of action. This tale is a hunt for a serial killer in an intelligent fashion, I would recommend this to anyone who is partial to this genre.

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