Children's fiction, Comics & Graphic Novel

Sheets by Brenna Thummler

It has been a while since I read/reviewed a comic/graphic novel. This book was available in the NetGalley Read Now section and decided it may be a good time to catch up.

This is a very quaint book, it has Marjorie a lonely girl trying to come to terms with the loss of her mother, and the running of a laundromat. In another realm, we have ghostland(yes, it is that sort of book) with ghosts being covered in sheets and one little ghost has set out on an adventure into the land of the living without permission. He stumbles into the laundry and oversees the plot to force a takeover of the laundromat. There is an unlikely alliance formed which leads to the triumph of good over evil. The villain is a little weird and the drawings are very nice, you feel for all the characters. This book is a good read for those looking to try something small and different.

P.S: I made a very fruitful trip to the library and though I have slowed down my reading considerably in the past few days and tried my hand at some other things, I will surely be more active going forward.I have too many bookmarks in different books to give an accurate timeline on what I might have to offer in terms of reviews the rest of the month.

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