Historical fiction, Humour, Mystery

A Shot in the Dark (Constable Twitten #1) by Lynne Truss


I read a book of this author earlier. Eats, Shoots & Leave and enjoyed her sense of humour. When I spotted a work of fiction by her I decided to give it a shot.

Sometimes, I end up wording the review in my head while I am still part way, over confidently I would have to add. When I was part way through, I was still thinking of marking this book under humour since it seemed painfully obvious who the villain was and therefore not a mystery. To make things clearer, I was labouring under a false impression. This story is built off of a radio show by the author and therefore may be familiar to a few people but I went in blind. It is based in 1957, six years after the local Inspector became semi-famous and in his own head, cleared the town of Brighton of any criminal element. There is a new spate of robberies in town, and the entrance of an earnest ‘too clever’ new constable(we all probably have either met people like him or are him).Multiple dead bodies follow within the span of a day. There are many players in this drama, some good and clever, some bad and clever and some just plain convoluted. It was funny in a very subtle way for the most part, though some were outright funny. It had a surprising mystery hidden within its depths, and I personally enjoyed the tale. It has a slow pace, and you cannot trust anything you are told, both attributes that may not suit a few people. For people who like a leisurely stroll with absurd situations and the people causing such a situation, this is the right sort of book.I am looking forward to what might happen next, considering the situation we leave Constable Twitten in.

I got a chance to read this book thanks to NetGalley.

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