What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty


I realize I need to keep track (somehow) of where I get the recommendations for books. I saw a review of this book on a blog, and put it on my to-read list. It was easily available in the library and equally easy to read. In this time of my flakiness, (as mentioned in previous reviews), it was a relief to read a book from start to finish and enjoy it.

This is not a very unique plot line, there are at least two others that I have read ( one being Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella) which have a matching theme.Alice has hit her head and lost a decade of her life in memories. This is a significant marker and we are soon to see why. A decade ago has Alice being idealistically happy with her life. Big changes are just ahead and she has plans at that stage. The Alice of now seems harder, more driven and definitely more fit. She needs to reconcile herself with the events that have occured with the eyes of that old Alice. The handling of the story was different even if the story is slightly familiar. Relationships have a more realistic spin, time and events change the balance between people, and no one comes out looking blameless in this (sort of ) harsh look at what people consider important.We are given multiple perspectives into the aftermath of Alice forgetting, but what she remembers turns out to be equally important. On the whole, it is a good book to read if you are looking for an intelligent cozy read.

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