Children's fiction, Comics & Graphic Novel

The Lost Path by Amélie Fléchais

I finally got around to reading some more of my ‘different’ books on my virtual shelf. There will be more such reviews to follow. I found the artwork of this book enticing and thought a light read was a good idea.

This is a small graphic novel, aimed at attracting the attention of children but the presentation makes it appealing to almost all ages ( at least, I felt so). It is the story of a lost forest, that has its own secrets. Three children on a hunt of some sort have taken a path which is definitely not the one they want. They stumble right into the ongoing battles within the forces of the forest. I only wish the tale was not so abrupt, I would have actually liked to know more about what happens beyond the stage the story is left in.As mentioned earlier, the artwork is very beautiful and the three lost boys are funny in their own way.

P.S: I have finally got my pace back (I might have suggested that I did a while back but I would say this declaration has more truth to it than any of the previous ones) and hopefully will be reviewing books more frequently now. I am always looking for interesting recommendations for books that can make you feel refreshed to read more.

I got a chance to read an ARC thanks to NetGalley


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