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The Man Upstairs and Other Stories by P.G. Wodehouse


I am very tempted to release my monthly list because of the lack of posts in my blog. Then again, I have not shown this much restraint in a while and I could probably use the feeling.

I am not sure how much of it is common knowledge, but within the kindle unlimited membership, and the books that come with audible narration, there are very exciting stuff. The books I am talking about are those ‘classics’ which are part of every bibliophile’s discussion or TBR arsenal. There are multiple PG.Wodehouse and other such classics available and I stumbled on them when I rearranged the offered selection in the search. Most of the time, I end up picking the first one that looks interesting. One restless evening I stumbled onto all these books I either read or wanted to read ages ago. I also felt that listening to a well narrated Wodehouse might make my day!(or week, or month). This was the first of the lot that I picked to experiment with, mostly because I had not read it previously and thought it would achieve two purposes simultaneously. Short stories are a hard sell for me most of the time, but I am honing my capabilities to appreciate them. I am a big picture person (Anne of Green Gables stretched all the way till she grew up and grew old!) and short stories leave a lot to the reader’s imagination and therefore I am sure are harder to write. This set of stories were all not of the same calibre, some were better than the others, they even differed in style and amount of information provided.The geographical location is also not a single standard. They were all in a vague way connected to lovelorn young men(with a hint of golf in the background), and had the common quality of having a very climactic ending. Some were funny, some a little deeper but overall in either form, this would be a book most Wodehouse fans would love to spend a couple of hours with.

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