They came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie


There are few idols cherished during school, that manage to retain its pedestal under the scrutiny that growing up provides it with. As admitted in the previous Agatha Christie book reviews that I posted recently, I have realised there is a reason for the praise that comes with one of her books. I have read a bit about her connection to the deserts and archeological digs and with that as a frame of reference, you can see her personal joy in that unusual world in this book.

This is a thriller of sorts, without too much of the flash and bang that may surround such a story. I used to be partial only to Hercule Poirot and his ‘antics’ and ignored much of these other tales but with fresh eyes, I am realigning my loyalty to encompass them all.The leading lady of our tale is Veronica Jones, a young lady with too much imagination and a restless mind with a penchant for making stuff up. She suddenly find herself going to Baghdad under the strangest of circumstances and in the hunt for a man. At the other end there is a secret which may cause a danger to the stability of the world at the time. This part of the story involves secret spies, assassination attempts and hidden dangers all circling back to Baghdad. The two stories cross paths and then the confusion begins.It ties together really well and is worth spending some time with.


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