Chick lit

Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs


I should start by mentioning that I am a fan of Susan Wiggs’ books, they have a niche of their own when it comes to their place in the genre. Mostly because they are neither too serious nor too lightly written. I am not saying you cannot shed a tear or two if the writing is light, but that is a different type of book altogether.

I have reviewed these books before of the author,(In case you want check out any of them out)

This story did not resound with me as much as some of the others written by the author have. I did not get into the ‘feel’ for the book till I was almost halfway through. Then things got better and I ended up liking the book. We have Caleb bound by tradition and a promise to lead the life he is currently leading in an Amish community and on the other hand we have driven and overworked Dr Reese Powell making her way down a path to a high-powered career. Both of these people are being influenced by their family and the life they think they are meant to lead, till fate decrees that their paths must cross. Though the reason for their meeting is a gruesome accident, they live as better people for having overcome the trauma. This situation includes a niece and nephew who Caleb is responsible for.On a side note, I have always been fascinated with the Amish community and the fact that they continue to function in such an overpowering world where one’s opinion is not really their own and ‘trends’ tend to leak into every part of the globe. I am not saying that having such an interdependent world is a bad thing (case in point, I am able to read and review a book and may even get other people interested in it), but to manage to sustain a way of living with grit and determination is something to marvel at.

This book has multiple layers, almost like different episodes that finally come together as a series. each section shows changes over time and the choices all four of them make (the two children play a very important role in the function of the entire story) in order to live out their happily ever after.

I got a chance to read this ARC via Edelweiss+

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