Non Fiction

From Rocket Boys to October Sky by Homer Hickam

From Rocket Boys to October Sky

In my hunt for books with audible present in it, Kindle recommended this to me. I remember the movie October Sky, it was one of the first inspirational movie I saw in college. It was already old by then, but I had not heard of it because the internet was not what it is now.This was a time before I knew the connection between books and movies in Hollywood and till I found this book, I did not know the movie was based on a book!

It is a small audiobook and so I will not drone on further in my review and make it too long. This is a story of how the book came about, and the events that led up to the actual making of the movie and the impact it created. The author has a very interesting style of putting things across and I even cried a tear or two in between. The original book and the movie after it, was the story of boys who spent part of their high school building rockets. The learning process and the help they received from the other people of their small coal mining town was very interesting. This tale is about how that memory was triggered and the chaos that goes with turning a book into a movie. This is one aspect I never considered before and I am sure it would be some new content for people to check out (especially since it does not take long to read/listen). The narration of this book was very well done too.

Since posting my May 2018 Books vs Moods, I have finished two audio books. Both of these were non fiction and both of them I enjoyed. I am hoping that means this will be an eclectic and interesting month before my family vacation. I also went to my local library and found out that they have oodles of new books and I was so excited that making sure that I left with only as much as I could possibly read this month was very,very hard.



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