#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#Flashbackfriday- June 2017

This meme is hosted by hosted by Kerry @ Chat About Books and as usual I was excited and waiting for the first friday of the month and luckily for me, the first of the month is also the first friday! It is a look back on the posts that were made on the blog in the same month last year.

My last post was:#FlashBackFriday- May 2017

The following are the books I read/listened to and reviewed in June 2017.They are not listed in any particular order of preference.It was a pretty good month!It was my introduction to NetGalley and I started taking Goodreads and other people’s recommendations more seriously.

Each of the cover images leads to the actual review of the book if you are interested in the contents and think it might be something to put on your own to-read list.

22915449 22919589 23007842   30109999 9460487 12396528 24120519 26583370 15818107 33845132 121503234396045  6493208 34485865 17074260 24981 7052  25189077 26523397

I also have the compilation list for the last month : May 2018 Books vs Moods

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