Making Money by Terry Pratchett


I never assumed I had much of a sense of humour till I went to college. Living in a hostel,running too close to a deadline and the lack of sleep makes a certain sense of humour grow on you. This book is a more concrete version of all that rambling nonsense which is actually built on the most solid of foundations of logic (make what you will of that statement).If you get where I am going with all of this, the book is tailor-made for you, as would be most of Terry Pratchett’s humour.

We first encounter the Postmaster on a wall outside his own post office. He is hanging on to live on the edge. Things do not get any better for our leading man till the very end. He is introduced to a new plot by the (sort of) dictator-in chief. Lord Vetinari intends to have the very strangely named Moist Von Lipwig(our postmaster) run the bank and work his magic on it. The bank though comes with its own villainous set of directors and a four-legged chairman. There is also the problem of the value of gold and an enamoured Golem. The strangest character is of Mr Bent who may or may not be a vampire. This is a tale with more of the story hidden between the lines than what is revealed in the bland reading of the lines. Some of the twists were hilarious and some just plain unexpected!

For all Terry Pratchett fans, this is a must read. For those people who think the review makes them actually want to give this author a try, please do go ahead and let me know if I helped!


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