Non Fiction

I Know a Woman by Kate Hodges

This is a book that I requested to read and review when I saw it because of its description. It is a collection of bite sized versions of the life stories of women who left their mark.

The foreword was very well written (I have to mention it just because it set the atmosphere for the rest of the reading). It has a drawing of each woman beside the story and that too makes for good reading. It has never been easy for women to get a point across, in some ways that situation has become better (on the whole). In my culture, or at least in my home growing up, we were encouraged to think that we could achieve anything we set our mind to (and work hard), it would have helped to have such a collection to drive home the point. Considering the nature of some of the content, I would not recommend it for very young kids but teenagers and above would find this an interesting way to spend some time.

The only problem I had with the narration was that the women were all connected by some distance of separation but at times, this connection seemed tenuous at best. It was a fun way to jump through time and country and type of achievement, but initially it bothered me a lot!

It is not a book to be read in one sitting, and would make for a very lively discussion.


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