Historical fiction, Thriller

The Air Raid Killer (Max Heller, Dresden Detective #1) by Frank Goldammer


If you had known me in the pre-blog and pre-kindle unlimited days, you would be surprised at the sheer number of translated works that I am reading. I had a very strong bias about translations and they seemed off somehow. The ones that I have recently got my hands on, are much classier than those old ones that I had ventured to try. The point of this whole rigmarole is to point out that I am starting to enjoy the worlds that good translations are opening up for those of us who read in just one language or two(though if I am being precise I should say I just speak for myself).

This book is a detective book with a serial killer placed right in the tail end of an ongoing war. In Germany, life is hard, suspicious are rife and loyalties are constantly tested. Amongst all this chaos, women are being found dead. It starts with just one woman and the question for Detective Inspector Heller is if one life is worth anything when so many are being taken without any rhyme or reason.This particular aspect makes this book unique. I would not say I enjoyed all the parts, some of it seemed it a little abrupt but on the whole it had pretty complex content. Heller is obsessed with solving this case. His home is bombed , his town changes beyond recognition and the Russians move in, but he doggedly follows the clues. There is a LOT of things happening simultaneously but each event packs its own punch. Though I like the english narration of The Play of Death (The Hangman’s Daughter, #6) by Oliver Pötzsch better, this is pretty good too!

The next book in the series is due out in October, hopefully I will notice in time and get my hands on them. My kindle unlimited membership has already outlived its one month trial period by three years and I don’t think I plan to stop it any time soon!

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